Do Not Be Afraid: Helping Our Youth Live Free from Fear

The fear of not being loved or accepted are powerful forces in young people’s lives. Earlier this year Pope Francis encouraged young people to harness the power of discernment and courage when faced with fears and insecurities. As youth ministers, you want to help our young people find the courage and faith to face their fears because, as the Pope said, “fear must never have the last word but rather should be an occasion to make an act of faith in God…and in life!” How can youth ministers help support our young people struggling with life’s challenges? Join us as mental health professionals experienced in emotional and spiritual youth development provide practical strategies to help youth ministers:

-assess for risk of suicide or harm

-listen without judgment

-give reassurance and information

-encourage appropriate professional help

-encourage self help

As Pope Francis reminded our youth, “do not be afraid” is repeated in Scripture 365 times, “as if to tell us that the Lord wants us to be free from fear, every day of the year.” Join us as we explore together how to support our young people in their personal journey to greatness and a life free from fear.

  • Session Type:Pre-Conference