Three Focused and Effective Pastoral Care Strategies for Youth Struggling with Bullying, Depression, and LGBTQ Issues

Today’s youth carry emotional pain unknown to previous generations. Youth ministers on the front lines are often confronted with novel forms of emotional distress that challenge previously effective psychological and religious approaches. Dr. Hogan will present a pastoral counseling approach that will help to bring order to emotional chaos and offer struggling youth support and a plan to move towards healing. Special attention will be paid to challenges working with youth experiencing bullying, suicide and LGBTQ issues.

  • Date:Friday, December 7
  • Time:2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Session Type:Deep Dive Workshop
  • Session Code:B13
  • Thematic Categories:Parents and Families, Sexuality/Theology of the Body, Youth Culture‚ Issues and Trends
Timothy Hogan
Grace Counseling Center