Who moved my pastor? Navigating changes in Ministry

Oh no they moved your pastor! Just when you finally learned how to work together - you're back to square one. Don't waste time "training" the new guy, rather, learn how to navigate this change in ministry to produce better ministry.

  • Date:Saturday, December 8
  • Time:11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Session Type:Breakout
  • Session Code:C09
  • Submitter - First Name:Will
  • Submitter - Last Name:Smith
  • Submitter - Email Address:willsmithspeaks@gmail.com
  • Thematic Categories:Workplace Issues
  • Session Outcome 1:Participants will learn that their ministry is a gift from God to be shared with others and is not dependent solely upon their former or current pastor.
  • Session Outcome 2:Rather than keeping things the same, participants will learn techniques to work with their pastor to create deeper and better ministry.
  • Session Outcome 3:Participants will learn to navigate changes without panicking or being overcome by self-doubt, allowing the Holy Spirit to work through them.
Will Smith
Mother of Sorrows Church