The Latino "Nones" and the Need for Intercultural Competencies in Youth Ministry

  • Gabriela Karaszewski

Everyone in ministry is talking about the reality of the "nones", why they stop practicing their faith and how to welcome them back into the Church. But little is told about the Latino "nones" their reality, needs and future. This session will explore this topic and will also explain how to build intercultural competencies for their ministry.

  • Date:Friday, December 7
  • Time:2:00 PM - 3:45 PM
  • Session Type:Breakout
  • Session Code:B02
  • Submitter - First Name:Gabriela
  • Submitter - Last Name:Karaszewski
  • Submitter - Email
  • Thematic Categories:Ethno-Cultural Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Youth Cultureā€š Issues and Trends, Youth Ministry Models and Methods
  • Session Outcome 1:Participant will learn current statistics of the latino nones and the reality of the demographic shift of the Catholic Church in USA.
  • Session Outcome 2:Participant will learn step by step what it means to be intercultural competent within a youth/ young adult ministry context. Also will have time to practice/apply during the session.
  • Session Outcome 3:Participant will go home with resources to help those ministers in their parish that could not make it to this conference.
Gabriela Karaszewski