Ministry with Gen Z

  • Frank Mercadante, Cultivation Ministries

Our youngest generation-- Gen Z, iGen, or the Homeland Generation have arrived. This workshop will answer: Who is this new generational cohort? How are they different from the Millennial Generation? What are their core characteristics? How will we spiritually connect with them? What does the evangelization look like with this new generation?

  • Date:Friday, December 7
  • Time:9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
  • Session Type:Breakout
  • Session Code:A03
  • Submitter - First Name:Frank
  • Submitter - Last Name:Mercadante
  • Submitter - Email
  • Thematic Categories:Youth Cultureā€š Issues and Trends
  • Session Outcome 1:Participants will learn what early research and generational theory is saying about this emerging generation.
  • Session Outcome 2:Participants will explore the evangelistic, catechetical and pastoral implications for effectively connecting with this generation.
  • Session Outcome 3:Based on the specific distinctions of this generation, participants will develop practical ministry strategies for their particular context
Frank Mercadante
Cultivation Ministries